St. Albert Montessori School management and staff members are delighted every time they receive feedback from our students’ parents and we thank them for their kind words, time and effort invested in writing them, and permission to publish them.

We’re proud to share some of those letters with you …

Letter #1:

Hi, I’m putting this right into the copy of the email. I would have written more, and I’m sure it needs an edit, but I was crying … Happy tears.

For the past five years, my family has been lucky enough to be a part of the St. Albert Montessori family. Dropping my son Quentin off for his first day, I was a mess, like any parent would be. But with a gentle hand, Quentin’s teachers helped him, and more importantly me. I felt like I was leaving my son with other mothers, and it made me feel comfortable.
Over the past five years, my son and daughter have flourished under the guiding eye of the instructors at Montessori. Quentin is now in first grade, and his teacher comments on his leadership, his kindness, his independence. I credit Montessori for teaching him that.
My daughter Esme, now four years old, has come out of her shell. Her first year at Montessori, she spoke in a decibel no one could decipher, perhaps dogs. Now, she is outspoken, confident, and if possible, even more independent than she was going into Montessori.
For our family, Montessori is not just about learning the alphabet, numbers, and things like that. Montessori teaches a lifelong passion for learning. It gives permission for curiosity to give way into self-directed learning about any subject of note.
Honestly, as I sit here writing this, I’m crying, knowing that next year, we will have moved on to a new place, and I will no longer be dropping either of my children off to discover what new things await them at school.
I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to send my children to Saint Albert Montessori. My children are confident, compassionate leaders with a passion for learning, and an independence that I can only credit their instructors at Montessori for nurturing in them.
There really are not words to describe how I feel about Saint Albert Montessori, perhaps other than love and respect. I love the instructors for their patience, for their desire to sit on the floor and play, teach, read, sing, and love each child for exactly who they are.
I respect their ability to nurture children into confidence, into becoming leaders. I respect them their ability to teach my children to see the absolute joy in the world around them, and to bestow upon them a passion for learning and bettering themselves.
If anyone were to ask me whether I would recommend Saint Albert Montessori to others? The answer is an unequivocal YES. To those parents who are registering their children, you are so lucky. I know you will watch with wonder as your child comes home and amazes you with his knowledge, his passion for learning, his independence, and compassion.

Please, feel free to contact me for any further questions.
Jennifer Mullen

Letter #2:

When choosing a Montessori for our eldest son we were looking for a school that not only showed genuine care for our son but also the requirements to truly teach the values of a Montessori program. With your Montessori school we have found exactly what we were looking for.

As a parent you know your children are on the right track when they come home at three and four years of age talking about geometric shapes the alphabet, counting, the solar system and landforms. The balance between structured learning and discovery is evident in our son’s reactions and awareness. The “Show and Share” activity not only promotes creativity but also challenges the mind for memory and the confidence to stand in front of others and present their item. The growth of our son from the first day of the program to the last day of the program is a true result of your Montessori program.

Our eldest son has since moved on to kindergarten and I can tell you that his learning from the Montessori program shines through. We were so pleased that we have since enrolled our middle son in your program and can’t wait to watch his developments. Thank you for all your efforts to provide our children the learning environment we were searching for and exceeding our expectations.

Steve and Maita

Letter #3:

For 7 consecutive years I have had children enrolled in St. Albert Montessori. Each of my 4 children attended for 3 years (age 3, 4 & 5) which means for 5 of those years 2 of my children were in the same class.

Having children ages 3 – 5 in the same class is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn from one another & help each other. It gives the older children a chance to be a leader & role model for the younger students which they will not experience again until Grade 6 when they are the oldest in their elementary school. It gives the younger children opportunity to see what they will be able to do next & it encourages them to try harder so they can keep up with the big kids.

This Montessori classroom is very peaceful & calm. The teachers know how to prevent escalation’s with the students & if a conflict is happening, the teachers quickly & calmly help the students resolve the situation.

Students know routine & order which allows them to work on activities independently. Students are able to choose an activity, work with it, & then put it away properly. I see this transfer to our own home. My children are very independent, can do most things for themselves & are able to play with something & remain focused for a long period of time.

The Montessori teaching materials are amazing! My children were easily counting to 100+ when they were age 3 & 4, they could add & subtract 4 digit numbers, READ by age 4 & write all of the numbers & letters legibly. The materials are set up to let the children discover how things work rather than someone just telling you & you having to memorize it. There is very little talking & explaining – it’s just doing. This has allowed them to really understand math & literacy concepts. All my children find schoolwork to be easy even now with my oldest in Grade 4.

The art projects in this school are well thought out, creative, interesting & turn out amazing even though the children are so young.

During their Kindergarten year, my children attended Kindergarten at our regular school in the morning & then Montessori in the afternoon. I could see a HUGE difference in the level of learning from the 2 classrooms. The Montessori program was able to offer much more advanced reading & math & had more time for various science topics throughout the year that I did not see in the regular Kindergarten program. The regular school teachers of my children (when they were in Kindergarten) were amazed at how much my children already knew when they arrived in Kindergarten & continued to impress them the entire year. They were far ahead of their peers in all areas.

I am so happy to have had St. Albert Montessori to give my children such a great head start to their education. My oldest is now in Grade 4 & my youngest is just finishing Kindergarten (& sadly, our last year of Montessori). All 4 of my children have had continued success at school & are very strong in math, reading & all other subject areas – all 4 of them at the top of their class. All 4 of them are good role models at school and have great leadership skills.

I highly recommend this program starting with age 3 and continuing for all 3 years to get the full benefit of the St. Albert Montessori program.


Carolyn (mother of 4 St. Albert Montessori students)

Letter #4:

Words truly can’t express how grateful I am that a preschool like this exists. I thought that a place like this was a mythical unicorn that parents searched for, but never found. I’m lucky to say my family has found “the one”. My daughter has been in the school for full 2 years, and has truly blossomed mentally and socially. The staff and teachers there are beyond caring and concerned with EVERY student (as well as parent) that walks through their door. The curriculum and teacher to student ratio is outstanding, and way beyond my wildest expectations. I would specially like to thank the teachers Mrs.D and and Principal Mrs.Nikolic, these ladies have an amazing impact on my daughter’s education, I can’t say this enough… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, St.Albert Montessori.

Letter #5:

To the teachers at St. Albert Montessori School:

I just want to write a message to all of you, letting you know how much I truly appreciate you and what you do. I am so happy that we chose your school as Adrianna’s first school. What you do with the kids is invaluable. I have witnessed so much growth and maturation in Adrianna from her first day until now. The environment that you’ve created for the children, along with your genuine concern for them shines through. I am just sad that this day came so soon. I feel like she only just started, and now my preschooler is a kindergartener. She had a moment of sadness this afternoon as well. She said that she wanted to stay in preschool and have you as her teachers, and play with her friends.

Thank you for making Adrianna’s first year of school so special. She had a wonderful year and truly enjoyed her time with you. I hope to see you again in a few years when Hayden starts school.